How to unlock the trade feature in Rocket League?

  In this topic, we will explain how to unlock the trade feature in Rocket League.

 To unlock trade in Rocket League you need:
  1. Enable two-factor authentication. The instructions on how to enable it, you can find here – How to enable Two-Factor Authentication in Rocket League?
  2. You have to have your account level at 30. To look how much XP you have at the moment you can look in the game’s tab:
Profile—> Career —> Statistic—> XP LEVEL
  3. You have to play at least 50 minutes in online matches (usually takes 10 matches). Trade also can be locked because the player decided to switch platforms for some reason.
  4. Also, you need to acquire 500 credits or cyber coins in the game’s shop. The credits inside of the kits in the shop also can be used to unlock the feature. You have to do it only once on your account. If you already bought the game on Steam, you can skip this step. If you’re a PS/Xbox user you have to do all three conditions above. If your trade will be locked then you need to do the fourth step.

Here is the video to explain how to unlock the trade feature.

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