How to make a purchase on DropShops?

  In this post, you’ll know about the process of the purchase and trading on our site

  First, you need:
   1. Choose the item that interests you, choose the color, and put it in the cart.
   2. After you’ve put your items in the cart, you need to click on the button “Purchase” or on a shopping cart in the up-right corner of the site.
   3. After you’ll access the purchase page, you’ll have to fill in the info.

  • Link to your Steam account or a nickname of your Epic Games account
  • Choose the platform that you use to play the game
    At the moment. we only work with two platforms EpicGames/Steam
  • Email address
  • Link to VK account (not necessary)
    The link to your VK account will help you to contact us in case you have any issues.
  • Description of your purchase (not necessary)
    In the description of the purchase, you can tell us when exactly you can get your items.
  • Secret Key (if you have it) (not necessary)
    The Secret Key will give you the ability to get a gift acquired in giveaways on our social media or from our partners.

   4. After you filled in all necessary text fields, you need to choose the payment method.
After you need to confirm that your trade feature is unlocked, have the necessary account level, and that you accept the privacy policy, then put all checks in.
   5. After all of the four conditions were completed, you have to check if everything you entered was right and confirm your purchase.

After payment, your order will begin to be processed.
The process of the order can take up to 24 hours. Usually, process time takes up to 30-60 minutes.

  How can I pick up my order?
After the order processing is completed, the seller will be added to your friends.
In order to pick up an order, you need to accept a friendship invitation from the seller and then wait for the seller to invite you to the lobby and offer a trade (exchange).
If after you accept friendship invitations from the seller is not online, you can notify our support team, they will call the seller or determine a convenient time for you to transfer the order.
You can write to our online support in the VK Group –, or to our mail

  What to do if I didn’t receive my order?
If your order hasn’t been traded to you in 24 hours after the payment, you need to check the email that you added while purchasing or your VK account.
If you didn’t get any message from our support, you can always write the message with the number of your order, or if you have any issues “I didn’t receive the order №хххх”.
You can always write to our online support in our VK group –, or to our email

  What to do if I already made an order, but it figures out that my trade feature is not unlocked?
If after your order your trade feature isn’t unlocked, then our seller can’t give you your items until you unlock it.
The instructions on how to unlock the trade you can find in this post here –

Here is the video that explains everything about this topic.

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